Academics on Mastodon – some notes on a minimal web app for creating customized following lists for the Fediverse

Several days ago I saw the opportunity, that some of my sociological colleagues would move from twitter to the Fediverse. I started a simple list in this blog, to help them find each other. Thomas Haase then suggested making a CSV file from the list, to allow importing it in Mastodon. I thought, it would be nice to have a simple way of choosing whom to follow, so I wrote a very rustic webpage, that generates the CSV file based on your selection. As this was quite simple, I thought some friends could perhaps be interested in adepting it to their disciplines. I did not expect it to scale very much.

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Academics on Mastodon – let’s connect!

Things are evolving quickly: This page is outdated. There is a new page which collaboratively gathers lists based on Academcis on Mastodon. Please visit

How to find your academic peers on mastodon? Or discover new interesting researchers in your discipline? I started a list of sociologists, which now turned to a minimalistic web app that has been adapted for other disciplines. Here I try to give an overview over these different websites.

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Soziolog*innen auf Mastodon – eine Liste

Da es in den letzten Tagen soziologischen Zuwachs auf Mastodon gab, hier mal eine Liste zur besseren Vernetzung. Vorab aber auch der Hinweis, dass es die Gruppe gibt. Diese funktioniert wie ein Retweet-Bot. Erwähnt sie bei einem soziologisch relevanten Post und dann wird dieser automatisch geboostet, so dass alle Follower der Gruppe ihn in der Timeline sehen.

Ich schicke diese Liste auch über die Gruppe herum, aber es scheint mir auch sinnvoll, hier eine Sammlung zu haben, um zukünftig ergänzen zu können. Also los …

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