Academics on Mastodon – let’s connect!

Things are evolving quickly: This page is outdated. There is a new page which collaboratively gathers lists based on Academcis on Mastodon. Please visit

How to find your academic peers on mastodon? Or discover new interesting researchers in your discipline? I started a list of sociologists, which now turned to a minimalistic web app that has been adapted for other disciplines. Here I try to give an overview over these different websites.

How does it work? The websites provide you with a list of academics from a discipline or field of research. You can select all or specific accounts and eport them in a CSV file, which can be uploaded to your Mastodon account in order to follow them all in one go.

Currently there are:

There are also several groups for academic topics and disciplines.

If you want to set up a list for your discipline as well, please have a look at our GitHub repository. You are welcome to tag me, wehen you post your webpage, so I can share it here and on Mastodon ( You are also invited to contribute to this minimalistic, but hopefully usefull tool further.

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