Academics on Mastodon – some notes on a minimal web app for creating customized following lists for the Fediverse

Several days ago I saw the opportunity, that some of my sociological colleagues would move from twitter to the Fediverse. I started a simple list in this blog, to help them find each other. Thomas Haase then suggested making a CSV file from the list, to allow importing it in Mastodon. I thought, it would be nice to have a simple way of choosing whom to follow, so I wrote a very rustic webpage, that generates the CSV file based on your selection. As this was quite simple, I thought some friends could perhaps be interested in adepting it to their disciplines. I did not expect it to scale very much.

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Academics on Mastodon – let’s connect!

Things are evolving quickly: This page is outdated. There is a new page which collaboratively gathers lists based on Academcis on Mastodon. Please visit

How to find your academic peers on mastodon? Or discover new interesting researchers in your discipline? I started a list of sociologists, which now turned to a minimalistic web app that has been adapted for other disciplines. Here I try to give an overview over these different websites.

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Sociologists on Mastodon – a list

Since there has been an influx of sociologists on Mastodon in the last few days, I decided to create a list of sociogical accounts in order to facilitate networking. Before I get to it, I would like to point you to the group @sociology. It basically works like a retweet bot. If you mention it in your (sociologically relevant) post it will automatically boost the post to its followers. If we reach a criticall mass, it could make sense to creat subgroups by language (sociology_de, sociology_en, sociology_fr …), but for now I suggest to use it with any language you like.

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