Call for Abstracts: Discourse & Critical Theory

Thematic Session at the DiscourseNet & ALED congress: Discourses and their impacts on a world of multiple crises | 25–28 July, 2023 | University of Valencia, Spain (PDF version)

From its beginnings, Critical Theory has developed a strong interest in language and in the relationship between the symbolic, our ways of thinking and material reality. Not only as a cultural element to enrich Marxist analysis, but also as a product and producer of social reality and of the subjects that inhabit it. The aim of this thematic session is to discuss the role of language within the variegated approaches within Critical Theory and to put it in dialogue with the most relevant contemporary currents within discourse studies (CDA, post-structuralism, post-foundationalism and others). Ultimately, the aim is to see to what extent contemporary discourse studies and Critical Theory can mutually enrich each other. In this thematic session we are interested in the relevance of these currents from a multidisciplinary perspective, including linguistics, sociology, philosophy, political science, aesthetics, cultural and communication studies, among others.

We invite you to send in abstracts of 250 words for our thematic session until November 30, 2022. Please use the DNC5 Conftool webpage:

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions concerning our thematic session:

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